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Pork satay vendor denies being gunman who shot protesters

TAKING ACTION after being wrongly accused of being the gunman in pink who shot protesters during demonstrations by both People’s Party and yellow-shirt followers outside the Parliament last Tuesday (Nov. 17) is a pork satay vendor in Pathum Thani province who has filed a police report to clear his name, Thai Rath newspaper reported last night (Nov. 21, 2020).

Mr. Anucha Chansri, 47, showed a copy of the report filed at Khu Khot police station to reporters and said he is giving the person who distorted the photo to make it appear that he was the gunman to delete it within three days, and if this was done within the deadline he would not take any further legal action.

Six demonstrators suffered gunshot wounds that day and police are still chasing the gunman.

Anucha admitted that he was at the demonstration outside the Parliament and used to be a soldier but quit a long time ago and is currently selling pork satay.

He added that while he was dressed similarly to the gunman, wearing a pink raincoat, he had a pair of red shoes on while the gunman wore white ones.


Anucha showing the police report to the reporters. Photos: Thai Rath

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