Beware! Blocking an ambulance carries heavier penalty than you think


MOTORISTS should be careful to give way to an ambulance as not doing so and this leading to the patient dying could lead to a murder charge under Section 79 of the Land Traffic Act, TV Channel 7 said today (July 30).

The warning was issued after a young woman driving on the far right lane of a road blocked an ambulance’s way with this leading to the patient being rushed to the hospital dying.

Crime Suppression Division police had on December 5, 2018 published a warning about such obstruction leading to a murder charge under the headline, “Intentionally not dodging an ambulance carrying a patient. Beware of murder charge!!”

According to this law, drivers upon seeing an ambulance on duty with the siren and flashing lights on must allow the vehicle to pass first. Failure to do so is punishable by a fine of not more than 500 baht.

Drivers face more serious charges if their action is a “direct cause” leading to the patient in the ambulance dying. They are then liable for committing a negligent offence leading to another person’s death or acting with the intent of causing another person’s death.

Section 79 of the Land Traffic Act states the following on how the public must conduct themselves upon seeing an ambulance:

– Pedestrians must stop and move close to the edge of the road or walk to the nearest safe zone or the road shoulder;

– Drivers must stop or park their vehicle on the left edge of the road. If there is a bus lane on the far left, you must stop or park the car next to the bus lane. However they must not stop or park their vehicle at an intersection;

– Drivers or animal caretakers must control the animal and stop beside the road but not stop at the intersection. They must control the animal as soon as practically possible and take appropriate precautions as the case may be.


An ambulance rushing a patient to hospital. Photos:

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