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Student dashing across the road badly injured after being hit by car


A SEVENTH grade female student who ran across a road in Rayong without heeding a warning from her caretaker and not waiting for her friends was badly injured after being hit by a sedan this afternoon (July 25), Sanook.com said.

At 4 p.m. today Pluak Daeng Foundation was notified of an accident on Road 3425 in their district and quickly sent a team to help out.

At the scene they found the unidentified 13-year-old student lying unconscious and bleeding through her nose and mouth with her school bag beside her. Rescuers immediately gave her first aid and quickly took her to Pluak Daeng Hospital for treatment.

Near her was parked a white sedan with front dented and the broken bumper hanging down the side. The unidentified 37-year-old female driver told them that she was driving normally but when she reached this point the student suddenly ran across the road with her car then hitting her as she was not able to brake in time.

The caretaker said she was helping four students cross this road and when she saw the white car she shouted out to not cross as yet and let the vehicle pass first.

However this student did not follow her instruction and dashed across the road and got hit by the car as she looked on.

She immediately ran to the injured student and was with her until the rescuers arrived.

It was later reported that her condition was very serious and that she had been transferred from Pluak Daeng to Rayong Hospital for further treatment.

Pluak Daeng police came to investigate this accident for further legal action.


The student lying on the road beside the white sedan that hit her and the caretaker and a friend rushing to help her. The Thai headline says, “Car hits student crossing the road.” Photo: Sanook.com

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