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Speeding cop who killed doctor dismissed after being sentenced

THE POLICEMAN who last January hit a woman doctor at a Phaya Thai road pedestrian crossing while zooming through on a big bike leading to her death was dismissed from service after the the court sentenced him to one year and 15 days imprisonment without parole and fined him 4,000 baht, Thansettakij newspaper said this afternoon (Apr. 25).

Pol. Maj. Gen. Yingyot Thepchamnong, the police spokesman, said the Royal Thai Police had issued an order that Pol. L/Col Norawit Buadok would have to leave government service and this has now taken effect after the Court of First Instance passed the verdict.

The policeman, who was the head of the 2nd company squadron, supervision division 1 at the protection and crowd control division of Metropolitan Police, faced nine charges in hitting Dr. Waralak Supawatchariyakul at the zebra crossing in front of Bhumirajanagarindra Kidney Institute Hospital as he was speeding through on his big bike.

Among the charges are driving or riding in a reckless or terrifying manner that may cause harm to other persons or damage property and acting negligently causing the death of others.

Dr. Waralak, whose nickname was Rabbit, was an ophthalmologist attached to Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Medicine

“However if Pol. L/Col Norawit appeals at the next level and the verdict is changed, he has the right to submit an application to join government service but this depends on the verdict,”  Pol. Maj. Gen. Yingyot said.

Mr. Sontaya Noicharoen, Pol. L/Col Norawit’s lawyer, said his client still felt sorry for all that happened and will accept all legal actions in this case. He has now submitted the position of his father, Pol. Sub.-Lt. Nikhom Buadok, head of the traffic group at Pathumwan police station, as guarantor in applying for bail and this is being considered by court, Naewna newspaper said.

Meanwhile Mr. Nattapon Chinnawong, lawyer for Dr. Waralak’s family, mentioned that he was satisfied with the court’s verdict but was discussing with the family on filing an appeal.

Regarding a civil lawsuit against Pol. L/Col Norawit and the Royal Thai Police for 72 million baht damages each, altogether 144 million baht, the hearing is set for Aug. 8 this year.


Top: Pol. L/Col Norawit, left, and Dr. Waralak, right. Photo: Thansettakij

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