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Deputy police chief: Murdered man a foreigner, woman Thai

DEPUTY NATIONAL Police Chief Pol. Gen. Suchart Teerasawat flew to Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) this morning (July 30) to personally check the investigation of the murder of a couple found buried in a community forest and after a meeting confirmed the man was a foreigner and the woman a Thai, Naewna newspaper said.

A villager picking mushrooms in this community forest came across a suspicious freshly dug hole and alerted the authorities who upon digging it up again found the naked bodies of a man and woman placed one on top of the other with layers of mortar spread out above and between them.

The murdered man was a foreigner as forensic evidence indicates that he was not Asian, Moreover, he was tall, reaching 170-180 cm, white skinned and had curly hair.

The woman had a unique tattoo on her back, one of Ganesh on her right wrist, and one each of the Japanese beckoning cat on both legs with their images having been distributed to help identify them.

Pol. Gen. Suchart said there was no report of silicone having been found in the woman’s body but in fact silicone is traceable by the serial number and if it is a locally-produced variety it is even easier to do so.

He also questioned a woman who has come forth to say that she saw a van driving into this community forest before the two bodies were excavated.

The deputy police chief also revealed that forensic officials had found some bullet casings and bullets around one to two metres away from where the couple was buried and this ascertained that the criminals had killed them in this community forest.

The man was shot in the head three times while the woman shot in her eye socket once with both of them having been dead for two to four weeks.

Pol. Gen. Suchart also said that the sighting of the van going into this forest could not help the investigation but the casings and bullets found would help identify the weapons used and possibly lead to the criminals.

It will take time to solve the case but progress is expected in a week’s time, he added.


Police investigating the mysterious murder of a couple who were buried at a Korat community forest. Photos: Naewna

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