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Couple found murdered in Korat believed to be foreigners

AFTER a man picking mushrooms in a Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) forest ran into a mysterious freshly dug hole and alerted the authorities yesterday afternoon (July 28) police and rescuers dug it up again and found a naked couple buried there with the authorities later saying they believe they are foreigners, Naewna newspaper said today (July 29).

At 3 p.m. Chokchai district police team quickly went to the suspicious spot at the community forest in Thung Arun subdistrict together with Hook 31 rescuers. Many villagers also came to help out.

Upon digging up the hole they found the naked bodies of the couple with the white man being around 40-50 years old, approximately 160-170 cm tall and with curly hair. Also buried was the body of a slim white woman around 30-40 years old, approximately 150-160 cm tall with long hair and tattoos on the back and left wrist.

The team first came across a layer of mortar beneath which was the naked body of the woman. Upon digging further they came across another layer of mortar with the body of the naked man lying underneath. They had been laid with their heads in the opposite direction.

Pol. Col. Boonchow Prasertsake, the head of Chokchai police station, said a metal detector was used to find evidence near the burial site.

However so far there was no trace of violence and it is believed that the couple was murdered elsewhere and their bodies buried here. It is likely that more than two people were involved in killing them.

Police and rescuers were unable to examine their dead bodies for any wounds because of the mortar spread over them. However it was clear that the woman had undergone breast augmentation.

Both bodies were sent to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital for autopsy.

As there are a lot of factories in this area police will be spreading out to search for evidence and will be publishing images of the dead woman’s tattoos in case anyone recognises her. The public was urged to quickly inform police if they find any evidence that would help solve this case.


Top, second below and Front Page: Police and rescuers recovering the bodies of the murdered couple from the freshly dug hole at a Korat community forest. Photos: Naewna

First below: The tattoo on the murdered woman’s back that could help identify them. Photo: Sanook.com

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