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Firefighters battling huge blaze at plastics warehouse

FIREFIGHTERS are still trying to fully extinguish a massive fire that broke out a plastics warehouse in Sai Mai area of Bangkok at 3.47 p.m. today (May 16), TV Channel 7 said.

Thick, dark plumes of toxic smoke rose into the sky as fierce flames shot out from N Trade Company’s warehouse at the entrance of Sukhaphiban 5 road Soi 39. Explosions could be heard periodically because plastics are highly flammable.

Fire engines rushed there and the firefighters tried to get as close as possible to the blaze but strong gusts of wind hampered them with flammable plastics also difficult to extinguish.

This led to blaze spreading out within the open compound and the extremely thick plumes of smoke constantly rising up made it certain that this fire would not be easily controlled.

At 4.27 p.m. the fire had spread to the factory area with there being no sign of it decreasing its intensity or being controlled. As the fire raged local people who lived in the nearby community tried to help put it out.

However after an hour and a half of heavily spraying water and chemicals the crew was able to bring it under some control and stopped it from spreading further. Huge effort to fully put it out continued after that.

There was no report of injuries and as for the extent of damages, this could only be ascertained after the blaze is extinguished.


The massive fire at the plastics warehouse in Sai Mia area.Photos: TV Channel 7

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