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Police lay siege to condo after young woman is stabbed to death

SAMUT PRAKAN police laid siege to a residential condominium in Bang Phli district to catch the man who stabbed a young woman to death late last night who is believed to be a co-resident and still within the building, Sanook.com said today (Dec. 26)

The body of Ms. Intu-on, 23, was found in a pool of blood in front of the elevator on the seventh floor of the 10-storey building with there being blood stains from her unit to this point after she suffered a severe wound on her left thigh.

Police surrounded the building and set up a table to screen those entering and leaving it but despite searching all night have yet to find the killer.

Once a suspect is arrested police will be taking his toe prints to compare with footprints found at the scene of the murder.

Within the condo there were traces of fighting with belongings scattered all around and blood all over the floor. A 10-inch stainless steel knife was found on the floor as was a book and the deceased woman’s mobile phone.

There were footprints of the killer going down the fire escape and this has been collected as evidence.

Mr. Warawut, 37, who lives in a unit opposite the deceased, said he was sleeping when he heard sounds of argument and things falling on the floor. He said he did not initially come out to have a look because he thought it was a couple quarrelling.

However a little later when he heard the deceased opening her door and shouting for help, he came out and saw her bleeding at the elevator. At that point she was still alive and told him her assailant had broken into her unit.

As she was bleeding profusely he quickly called the police.

Ms. Thitima, 22, who lives in a unit on the 6th floor, said she was sleeping with her husband when she heard the sound of things falling on the floor at the unit above and then a cry for help.

They went out to have a look and saw a slim man who was around 165 centimetres tall and wearing a blue short-sleeved sports shirt and black pants drenched in blood as he ran down the fire escape.

Police said this condominium only has one surveillance camera at the ground floor entrance and none on each of the floors. Video clips showed that the victim went out to shop but returned and got on to the elevator at around 10.55 p.m. At 11.25 p.m. she was found dead in front of the elevator.

The bloody footprints had disappeared on the third floor where the killer stole a yellow T-shirt hanging to dry at a balcony next to the elevator.

Police have searched every unit on the third floor except those left unoccupied by their owners. They are now in the process of checking the background of all the residents.


Police hunting for the killer of a young woman, above, at a Samut Prakan condo. Photos: Sanook.com

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