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Driver slashed across the face by jealous husband


A CONSTRUCTION company’s driver who asked to shower a grocery store’s bathroom was slashed across his face by a jealous husband who mistook him for his wife’s lover, Amarin TV said today (Dec. 21).

At 8 p.m. last night Sawang Chanyatham Rescue Service in Buriram province was alerted of a man being severely slashed across his face at this grocery store and a team rushed there.

At the scene, a two-storey house with an open basement next to which were two bathrooms, they found Mr. Chinnakorn Wongdindam, 44, bleeding profusely with his nose cut open and one of his eyes popped out. They quickly gave him first aid and rushed him to the hospital.

Mrs. Somporn Prinram, 82, the owner of the house, said it was her son-in-law Mr. Samai Urairam, 38, who slashed Chinnakorn upon seeing him come out of the bathroom after taking a shower and his wife cooking rice nearby with this giving him the impression that the victim was his wife’s lover.

Somporn explained that Chinnakorn, who had been working as the driver of a team building a road nearby over the past two months, had in fact befriended her. He often stopped by to talk to her and sometimes brought his colleagues along to take a shower at her bathroom and she always allowed them to do so.

Yesterday he came round and gave her the chillis she had asked him to buy for her during a trip to Khon Kaen . He asked to take a shower and she let him but he then got badly injured by her jealous son-in-law.

Somporn added that she would not forgive her son-in-law should Chinnakorn not recover and that she wanted her son-in-law to pack his bags and leave and if her daughter wanted to go with him she could do so as well.


Top, second below and Home Page: Somporn relating all that happened and doing some house work.

First below: Chinnakorn bandaged after being slashed by a jealous husband.

Last photo: The two bathrooms at Somporn’s house. Photos: Amarin TV


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