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Remains of Canadian man found at Pattaya grass field


PATTAYA police are investigating the mysterious death of a Canadian man whose remains were found in a grass field in the middle of this seaside city today (July 15), TV Channel 7 said.

Upon being alerted by a hotel housekeeper that she had stumbled upon a dead body in the grass field behind Leelawadee Hotel, Pol. Col. Kulachat Kulchai, head of Pattaya City police station, and his team together with rescuers from Sawang Boriboon Foundation quickly went to check.

Found in the midst of over 10 rai grass field in the heart of Pattaya were the remains of an unidentified Canadian man who had been dead for at least 10 days and next to him was a bag within which were found 300 Canadian dollars and his passport.

Ms. Da, 54, the housekeeper said she had come to the field to pluck some water spinach and once there got the stench of a rotting corpse. At first she though it might be a dead dog’s corpse but when she got closer she saw it was remains of a human being so quickly called the police.

Police said a hotel just 500 metres away from where the deceased man’s remains were found had reported that he had gone missing on July 12. He had come to Thailand on July 6 to meet his girlfriend who lives in Chaiyaphum province and had mysteriously disappeared.

Police had tried to track him via surveillance camera clips but to no avail and have now sent his remains to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy.

An inspection at the hotel where he had stayed found that all his belongings were still there. However there are questions about how he could have walked into the grass field and died there.

Police spoke the dead Canadian man’s girlfriend over the phone and she said on July 6 after landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport he went straight to Pattaya and there was no contact after that. She also mentioned that he had suffered from cancer and was forgetful while urging police to quickly determine the cause of his death.


Police investigating the Canadian man’s death. The Thai headline says, “Remains of Canadian found in a jungle in the middle of Pattaya.” Photo: TV Channel 7

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