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Army defuses coup scare after choppers were sighted in Bangkok

WITH coup d’état rumours having intensified after some helicopters were seen flying over inner Bangkok yesterday (Nov. 23) the army today clarified that they were brought in to provide protection for Her Majesty the Queen on a royal visit to Phetchaburi province, Siam Rath newspaper reported.

Deputy army spokeswoman Col. Yingsirichan Ngathong said at the army headquarters that social media was swirling with rumours that the sighting of many helicopters flying low in inner Bangkok and Lopburi province from afternoon till late into the night yesterday indicated that a coup was in the offing.

In fact these helicopters were flying at normal level according to aviation standards and were brought in to provide security for Her Majesty the Queen and support her royal visit to perform royal activities in Phetchaburi province.

Her Majesty the Queen had visited Border Patrol Police headquarters to oversee the joint development of an ​​8-1-48 rai land plot in Naresuan Camp in accordance with “Sufficiency Economy Philosophy” development approach of His late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. This land plot is to be turned into a learning and training centre for farmers.


Top: Army spokeswoman Col. Yingsirichan explaining why helicopters were flying in inner Bangkok yesterday. Photo: Siam Rath



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