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Yellow-shirt protesters hound Thanathorn at police station

PROGRESSIVE Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit faced a yellow-shirt demonstration at Thong Song Hong police station when he showed up there to answer summons over a case filed by the Election Commission and had to be shifted to another meeting room to avoid confrontation, Siam Rath newspaper reported today (Nov. 24).

He was being questioned over charges that he violated the Section 151 of the 2018 MP Election Act by still holding shares in V-Luck Media Co. Ltd. when his now disbanded Future Forward Party submitted the names of its party-list candidates to the commission in February last year with Thanathorn being the number one candidate. 

Just as Thanathorn reached the station, so did a group of around 30 yellow-shirt protesters also do so and held up a banner saying that he be chased out. They also played the ultra-nationalist song Nak Phendin (Burden on the Land).

Police quickly moved Thanathorn to another meeting room further away from the protesters to head off any trouble.


Top: Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn. Photo: Siam Rath

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