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6 Shans dead as torrential rain at border triggers fierce forest runoff


SIX Shan people died and two are missing after torrential rain at the Thai-Myanmar border triggered a heavy forest runoff that damaged homes and roads at Doi Tai Lang stronghold of Shan State Army (SSA) chief Gen. Chao Yawd Serk, Naewna newspaper said today (July 10).

This Shan stronghold is opposite Thailand’s Mae Hong Son province at Pang Mapha subdistrict, Pang Mapha district.

SSA’s public relations officer said at around 1 a.m. this morning torrential rain occurred north of Doi Tai Lang and an hour later at 2 a.m. a strong forest runoff gushed down a creek from the mountains bringing large boulders and lots of logs along with it.

The floodwater together with the boulders and logs suddenly swamped the houses of Shan people in Doi Tai Lang which is on a lower level and destroyed six homes. This morning it was discovered that two men and four women had been killed while two others are missing.

Villagers at this Shan settlement had been bracing for possible flooding but as the runoff occurred very quickly and also washed down large boulders and logs it led to the fatalities and destruction.

An elderly Shan man said this is the severest flooding this Shan stronghold has experienced since its establishment.

The Thai Meteorological Department said during July 10-14 a strong southwesterly monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf. At the same time a monsoon trough will move down and spread across the North and Northeast then turn into an active low-pressure cell as it shifts to the upper South China Sea.

This will likely lead to more rain across the whole country with isolated heavy to very heavy showers possible in the North, the Northeast, the Central including Bangkok and its vicinity, the East and the South.

Strong winds will raise waves of upto 2-4 metres in the Andaman Sea with these rising above 4 metres in a thunderstorm. These waves will be 2-3 metres high in lower Andaman Sea but also soaring higher than 3 metres in a thunderstorm.

Waves in the Gulf will be 1-2 metres high and reach 2 metres in a thunderstorm.


The destruction at the SSA’s stronghold opposite Mae Hong Son province. Photos: Naewna

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