Bulon islanders call for help after running out of food


RESIDENTS of two Bulon islands off southern Satun coast got some food supplies today (June 1) after appealing for help as they were starving with the torrential rain and windstorm preventing them from going out fishing for seven days in a row, Thai Rath newspaper said.

While the sea waves were still strong today it had stopped raining with this enabling Mr. Rattaka Ladlia, the head Pak Nam subdistrict administrative organisation, La-ngu district, and other officials get to the two islands, Bulon Lae and Bulon Don, and and deliver 193 bags of rice and dry food to an equal number of households comprising 603 people.

Mrs. Wantana Benmad, the representative of Koh Bulon islanders, said they appealed for help as there was nothing left to eat on the two islands after bad weather prevented them from going fishing for seven days in a row. The grocery stores had run out of supplies and had nothing to sell.Some starving residents had borrowed rice from neighbours who had some left to share while others survived on shellfish that had washed up on the beaches.

Meanwhile fishermen and residents living along Satun coast, including Pakbara seaside town which has a large pier servicing speed boats and ferries to Koh Lipe, Koh Tarutao and Koh Bulon Lae, too were busy collecting shellfish that had washed up on the beaches.

While some just collected enough for their own consumption others were able to get large amounts, some much as two to three 25-kilogramme baskets, which they sold to get badly needed cash to compensate for not being able to fish.

Ms. Dewa Na Saken said the strong winds and waves were now dumping large amounts of shellfish on the beaches and those collecting them to sell were getting decent income.


People on Bulon Lae and Bulon Don islands and those living along Satun coast collect shellfish for consumption and sale while Bulon islanders representative Mrs. Wantana Benmad appealed for help, second below. Photos: Thai Rath

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