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Three men clinging to a foam crate in the middle of the sea rescued


GOING VIRAL on Thai social media is an uplifting post shared by a Facebook member who said his boat rescued three fishermen who were floating in deep sea by clinging to a foam crate after their boat sank in the middle of the night, Sanook.com said today (Mar. 25).

Mr. Yuranan Thongprem, who did not say exactly where the fishermen were rescued, mentioned that it was very fortunate he and his crew found them after setting out on a fishing trip early yesterday morning.

He also said in his post, “There was a little excitement, while sailing my boat far from the coast I saw a foam crate floating further off, so I sailed close by to have a look and it turned out there was a fisherman and his two crew holding onto it floating in the sea.

“We pulled them aboard and upon enquiring they said their boat sank at around 3 a.m.

“Very lucky that our boat passed by. This is the end of the report. We are now taking them back to the shore.”

This post was shared hundreds of times with many netizens praising Yuranan and also pointing out that it was really lucky he found them, if not they might not have survived.


Yuramen and his crew rescuing the three fishermen yesterday morning. Photos: Sanook.com

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