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Three men clinging to a foam crate in the middle of the sea rescued

  GOING VIRAL on Thai social media is an uplifting post shared by a Facebook member who said his boat rescued three fishermen who were floating in deep sea by clinging to a foam crate after their boat sank in the middle of the night, Sanook.com said today (Mar. 25). Mr. Yuranan Thongprem, who did

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Fishermen free three giant whale sharks

By Peeranut P., Sanook.com A FISHERMAN and his crew from Satun province safely released three huge whale sharks that had got entangled in their fishing nets after which they quickly swam off into the open sea, Sanook.com reported yesterday (June 30). Mr Navin Manakitsomboon or Tai Ball, 37, steersman of Por Chok Praphon 1 trawler

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