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Navy rescues four cats from sunken fishing boat

A THAI Navy team that went to inspect a fishing boat that sank after catching fire to see whether any oil had leaked spotted four cats perched on the bow that was still jutting out of the water and one sailor swam out and rescued all of them, Sanook.com said today (March 3).

Acting on the order Cdr. Rungruang Masut, head of Aircraft Defense and Coast Guard Unit 491, Satun province, Capt. Panya Thongmi, took six men to check whether any damage had been caused by Pamon Sin Nava 10 fishing boat that sank vertically after catching fire on March 1.

While there was no oil spill from this accident, the navy team spotted four cats clinging on the bow of the boat in a state of panic and crying continuously.

Sailor Poon Saai, a gunner at this unit, then swam out and rescued all four of them and brought them back to the unit.

They are now safe, healthy, cheerful and eating normally.


Navy sailor Poon rescuing the four cats from the sunken fishing boat. Photos: Sanook.com


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