Traffic misery at Asoke-Phetchaburi intersection after bad accident


THERE were terrible traffic jams at Asoke-Phetchaburi intersection early this morning (May 11) after some steel beams fell off a truck and hit a sedan following behind but fortunately no one was injured, Thai Rath and said.

Pol. Lt. Col. Thanawat Wiphatothai, a deputy inspector at Makkasan police station, was alerted of this accident at the bridge over Saen Saeb canal at 6.30 a.m. and rushed to the scene with a police team.

Upon arrival they found that the 10-wheel truck that was carrying 15 tons of steel beams had dropped  them on the way up the bridge with one damaging the Honda Jazz sedan following behind but luckily no one got injured.

Police had to close three lanes to traffic heading for Asoke Montri Road with this leading to very heavy traffic jams and long tail-backs at Asoke-Phetchaburi intersection.

They rushed to bring in a forklift crane to quickly remove the steel beams to ease the traffic congestion.

Upon being questioned Mr. Nimit Ngamsang, 27, who was driving the truck said he was taking the 15-ton load of steel beams to a construction site in Lumpini area via Rama 9 road. While crossing this bridge to go to Asoke Montri road the chain holding the beams suddenly snapped with one of them hitting the  sedan following behind.

Police gathered evidence of the accident and will be interrogating the driver further to reach an agreement on compensation to the owner of the damaged sedan.


The bad accident that led to huge traffic jams this morning. Photos: Thai Rath

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