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Hunt for owner of SUV who escaped in a cab after accident

AFTER A bad accident at Klong Toei intersection early this morning the owner of a Ford Everest  SUV, who eyewitnesses claim was drunk, crossed the road via the pedestrian bridge and hopped onto a cab thus coolly fleeing the scene, Sanook.com reported today (Sept. 13, 2020).

The SUV driver had set off from Ratchadapisek road and reached Rama 4 road’s intersection with Klong Toei market at around 6 a.m. After that, it is uncertain whether it was due to being drunk or drowsy, he suddenly zipped across the road and climbed onto the traffic island, knocking down the traffic pole which fell on a Mercedes Benz sedan.

Both vehicles got badly damaged, the SUV’s front was wrecked while the sedan’s left wing mirror was smashed with a part of that side of the vehicle having also come off.

Eyewitnesses said the SUV owner came out of the vehicle and stood around for five to ten minutes, then went across the road via the nearby pedestrian bridge and got into taxi and just disappeared. They added that he did appear drunk.

Later policemen and rescuers removed the damaged vehicles and light pole from the scene of the accident and are searching for the missing man.


Top: The scene of the accident early this morning. Thai headline says, “left his vehicle in the middle of the intersection.” Photo: Sanook.com


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