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Dad kills drug-crazed son in self-defence


A DRUG-CRAZED man was shot dead by his own father in self defence after the former tried to attack him with almost a metre long steel scraper at their home in Nakhon Phanom province this morning (May 6), TV Channel 7 said.

When Pol. Lt. Col. Thawi Kohking, deputy chief of Lak Sila police station, got to the furniture store in front of which the killing had taken place at 8.30 a.m. he found the body of Mr. Yuranan, 35, riddled with five bullets, one in the head, two in the chest, one in the abdomen and one in the right leg, with his unnamed 60-year-old father standing there waiting to surrender with tears in his eyes.

Other family members handed over the .38 pistol which had one bullet left to the police.

The deceased man’s uncle, Mr. Wirut, 64, who was an eyewitness, told police that his nephew had been addicted to methamphetamines for many years and despite several rounds of rehabilitation failed to give it up.

This morning while in a drug and alcohol frenzy he tried to attack his father with almost a metre-long steel scraper. The latter ran out of the house and grabbed the pistol in his vehicle and fired five shots at him.

He added that before his nephew got addicted to drugs he used to work diligently at the family’s furniture store. However he changed after he got hooked and turned violent and had frequently attacked family members.

After the shooting other family members ran and grabbed the pistol from the father, being afraid he might turn the pistol on himself, as Yuranan was the only son with his other two children being daughters. 

He later said he had to accept his fate for killing his son.


The scene of the killing this morning. The Thai headline says, “Decides to kill only son, fires 5 shots to end drug frenzy.” Photo: TV Channel 7

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