Trailer-truck disappears while driver takes a shower


PUZZLED by the disappearance of a 22-wheel trailer-truck was its driver who was later informed by local residents that it had flipped over by the roadside a kilometre away but he insists he pulled the handbrake before stepping out, Matichon newspaper said today (Apr. 23).

Mr. Singto Khlainoi, 20, a native of Nakhon Ratchasima province, told reporters that he was driving the trailer-truck loaded with powder from his home province for delivery in Rayong.

When reached Kabin Buri district of Prachin Buri province, he parked the big vehicle near his relative’s house which is next to Thairath Wittaya School to take a shower. When he finished and came out, to his surprise the trailer-truck had disappeared.

Later some local residents told him that the trailer-truck had moved one kilometre down the road and flipped over by the roadside.

While Singto insisted that he did pull the handbrake before leaving the vehicle, this incident startled the local people who said it was fortunate that no one had been injured as the driverless trailer-truck moved down the road.


The trailer-truck that travelled a kilometre down the road while the driver was taking a shower. Photos: Matichon

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