Newborn suffocates while sleeping with young parents

TEENAGE parents of a 28-day-old newborn baby boy are heartbroken after he died of suffocation while sleeping with them last night, said today (Apr. 6).

Pol. Col. Banjob Joysriket, duty officer at Wiset Chai Chan police station in Ang Thong province, got a call early in the morning from Wiset Chai Chan Hospital to come and investigate after a youth rushed in holding a newborn baby and asked them to help save his life but he was already dead.

When he arrived the doctors were performing an autopsy on the small baby while his father, Mr. Boom (real name and surname withheld), 17, and mother, Ms. Nan (real name and surname withheld), 19, were hugging each other as they cried with their relatives comforting them.

Boom told the police that upon returning from his job at a construction site he went to bed as usual with his son Bright sleeping in the middle flanked by him and his wife. 

At around 5 a.m. his wife woke him up and said little Bright was frozen and not breathing. He alerted his relatives and quickly took the baby to the hospital but he was dead upon arrival.

Ms. Taweeporn, 40, Bright’s grandmother, said he was her second grandson with the first one being a five-year-old boy whose father is Nan’s ex-husband.

At around 5 a.m. in the morning the two of them, who were sleeping in the adjacent room, screamed and brought Bright to her to have a look. She saw that the baby had blood coming out of his mouth and there was also blood on his buttocks so they rushed him to the hospital but it was too late.

She thinks the two of them were so tired from the hard work they do they might have rolled on top of the newborn and suffocated him.

Police inspected the teen couple’s bedroom and did not find any trace of foul play. They only spotted Bright’s blood in the middle of the bed and suspect that Nan fell asleep while breastfeeding him and then rolled on top thus suffocating him.


The grief-stricken teen parents and their bedroom where the newborn baby died. Photos:

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