Kla Party leader Korn catches Covid, relates details


KLA PARTY leader Korn Chatikavanij posted a message via Facebook that he has contracted Covid-19 and revealed details of his illness while the daily count is 24,252 cases and 94 deaths, Matichon newspaper said today (Apr. 6).

A breakdown of the tally shows 24,165 were domestic cases while 87 overseas arrivals tested positive taking the cumulative confirmed total since the beginning of the year to 1,558,392.

Altogether 26,941 people tested positive by ATK with this total not added to the daily count. Provinces with highest infection tally today are Bangkok with 3,184 cases, Chonburi 1,286, Samut Prakan 877, Nonthaburi 761, Nakhon Si Thammarat and Songkhla 604 each and Chachoengsao 598. 

Another 26,225 patients were cured taking total recoveries since Jan. 1 to 1,339,558 while 248,078 patients are still undergoing treatment with 1,845 hospitalised, an average of 24 per province with bed occupancy rate being 27.8 percent.

Korn gave details about his illness for the benefit of others as follows:

1) Before getting infected he was busy and did not get enough sleep for three to four days in a row with this likely having an effect on catching Covid.

2) He called the doctor but did not go to a hospital for a PCR test as he felt he was putting others at risk and the doctor himself said this was not necessary, only go there if symptoms deteriorate.

3) Where medication was concerned the doctor said there was “just” Favipiravir. Korn asked why he used the word “just” and the doctor said in some countries there is molnupiravir to choose from.

4) Upon being asked whether he could take fah talai jone (andrographis paniculata / king of bitters), a well-known medicinal plant in Thailand, the doctor said he would not forbid it but neither could he recommend it but he had to choose either one or the other (Doctors are concerned about the effect on the liver if taken together).

5) As Korn does not like taking medicine if not necessary and because his symptoms are mild, he opted for the Thai herb.

6) In addition each day during his illness he drinks a litre of bio grape juice, has 2,000 milligrammes of vitamin C and eats two meals prepared by his wife.

7) He had almost no symptoms right from the start. He does not get headaches, can smell but as he feels a little tired, not 100 percent normal, he sits and sleeps all day but walks for an hour before dinner.

8) He carried out an antigen test every morning for five days and got the two-bar positive result. He sent his driver to buy every brand of this test kit available in the market and tried them all and found that the nasal test does not give a false positive result but the saliva ones he used did so.

9) He has been tripled vaccinated with the first two being inactivated virus vaccines and the third Pfizer which he felt helped ease the symptoms.

As people can get reinfected he said after he recovers he will be more careful and try to get enough sleep. He will also check with the doctor about the advantages and disadvantages of another booster shot.

However Korn added that he is not worried because he has had far more severe symptoms from a flu than this bout of coronavirus and if he had come down with dengue fever it would be a 100 times heavier.


Top: Kla Party leader Korn Chatikavanij. Photo: Matichon

Home Page: A man is getting an injection at a hospital. Photo: Marco Verch, professional photographer from Cologne (CC BY 2.0)

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