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Man yearning for a son kills his newborn daughter

A THAI man of Chinese descent was arrested in Chiang Mai last night (Sept. 23) on the charges of killing his seven-day-old daughter after deep disappointment that she was not born a boy as he had so yearned for, Thai Rath newspaper reported today.

Pol. Col. Kittipong Phetchamunee, head of Chang Phueak station, arrested  Mr. Anuphap Chaipanya, 45, at his house in the same district for premeditated murder of the his seven-day-old daughter, Nicha Chaipanya, after being notified by his wife that the baby had disappeared and she suspected her husband’s involvement.

When police investigators went to their house, Anuphab appeared panicky and displayed many suspicious mannerisms. He was bought to the police station for interrogation until he confessed to killing the baby and burying her body at a Christian cemetery.

He had also mentioned that he is of Chinese descent and already had two daughters so really wanted a son to carry on the lineage. The birth of the third daughter was a huge disappointed, and this together with his gift shop facing difficulties due to coronavirus pandemic, led to him deciding to take his newborn girl out of the house, feeding her toilet cleaner, then burying her body at the Christian cemetery and throwing the empty cleaner bottle nearby.

He had told everyone that the newborn girl had disappeared and he suspected that a gang of child kidnappers had taken her.

The dead infant’s body was dug up and sent to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for autopsy.

Police said today that Anuphab was restless in his cell and that they had told his cellmates to watch over him. Later in the day they are taking him for crime reenactment.

Anuphab’s wife returned to give additional details of the infanticide. She said the baby was drinking milk when Anuphab told her he was taking her to show to family elders. He returned several hours later and told her he had killed the baby. She was overwhelmed with grief so reported him to the police.


Anuphab who has confessed to killing his newborn daughter. Photos: Thai Rath


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