Ministry warns Omicron symptoms overlap that of dengue fever


THE Public Health Ministry warned that some Omicron symptoms not only overlap flu but also dengue fever with those who get negative result via ATK but do not improve in 48 hours urged to undergo further tests, Amarin TV said today (Mar. 12)

Dr. Somsak Ankasil, head of the Medical Services Department, said upto 50 percent of Omicron patients are asymptomatic. Of those who do get symptoms for 50 percent it is cough and sore throat, for 30-40 percent it is fatigue and fever and 10 percent diarrhoea.

He warned that fatigue and fever could also mean the onset of dengue fever.

Those infected were urged to self-isolate because even without severe symptoms they could spread the infection to others with lower immunity levels.

All hospitals, both public and private, will accommodate Universal Coverage for Emergency Patients (UCEP) Plus patients at the higher yellow and red levels.

The concern is the green group of patients, showing few or no symptoms, because both National Health Security Office and Social Security Office have still to clarify whether they could go to any hospital in the network should their condition worsen.

The ministry said this morning that there were 24,592 Covid cases and 68 deaths over the past 24 hours with this taking the cumulative confirmed total since the  start of the pandemic to  3,161,241.

In addition there were 20,385 people who tested positive by ATK and are awaiting confirmation of infection with this total not added to the daily count.

Another 21,371 patients were cured taking total recoveries since the start of the pandemic to 2,911,447 while 226,151 are still undergoing treatment.

Today’s 68 fatalities raised the death toll to 23,643.


Top: A graphic image showing the overlapping symptoms of Covid-19 and dengue fever. Photo:

Home Page: A woman running a high fever who does not know whether it is due to Covid-19 or dengue fever. Photo:

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