GPO has large stock of key Covid drug as daily tally remains high


THE Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) confirmed that it has a reserve of 24 million Favipiravir pills, an antiviral medication for the treatment of Covid-19, with 60 million more being produced amid greater demand for this medicine, Amarin TV said today (Feb. 27).

The daily Covid count remained high with there being 24,719 cases and 42 deaths over the past 24 hours, Naewna newspaper said.

Of this large batch of patients 24,599 were domestic while 120 foreign arrivals tested positive.

This takes the cumulative confirmed total since Jan. 1 to 646,181.

Another 16,875 patients were cured taking total recoveries since Jan. 1 to 469,385 with 208,846 still undergoing treatment.

Ms. Sirikul Metheweerangsan, GPO’s deputy managing director, said the total of 84 million Favipiravir pills will be continuously distributed to service centres for the treatment of Covid patients.

Aside from the amount GPO had in stock, various service units nationwide also have their own reserves.

However Favipiravir pills are only channelled to service centres and various key hospitals as stated by the Framework for a Public Health Emergency Operations Centre for further distribution within their zone.


Some Favipiravir pills.Photos: NNT

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