Teen girl almost raped at unisex field hospital

A 15-YEAR-OLD teenage girl complained through a reporter about almost being raped at a unisex field hospital in Ang Thong province and urged the authorities to make improvements for the safety of others, said today (Feb. 23).

The teenager, Ms. Aey (assumed name) had been admitted to Posa field hospital on Feb. 8 together with 10 other friends after they all tested positive for Covid-19.

They were alloted beds on the ground floor and after a few days Mr. Tor (assumed name), 18, was admitted for treatment and given a bed right opposite hers.

Tor started staring and flirting with her but she was not interested. He followed her wherever she went and harassed her all the time.

One incident occurred in the bathroom. She had gone there to wash her face and Tor followed her and locked her door. However she managed to push him away and escape.

The near rape occurred on Feb. 16 with Tor coming over and after opening the mosquito net and getting on the bed started stroking her arms and legs. Fortunately her friend who was on the bed right next to hers pulled her out and took her to her bed. Tor was furious and kicked the fan, damaging it.

Aey said after being cured and discharged she filed a complaint with Ang Thong police station and Damrongtham Centre.

She added that with this field hospital not separating male and female patients they had to protect themselves because there were no staff around to monitor and control the situation.

As an example she mentioned that after she started suffering from a stomachache she sent a message by Line for medicine but it was two days before it was brought to her.

She urged the authorities to quickly make improvements.

Reporters went to inspect this field hospital and found that in front were nurses and officials watching over it. While they were not allowed inside they did notice that male and female patients were walking up and down without separate zones having been arranged.


The field hospital bed alloted to Aey, a pixelated image of Tor, and Aey sharing pictures of her stay at this medical facility with her family. The Thai headline says, “almost raped at field hospital.” Photos:

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