Netizens slam setting up field hospital at a market

AS photos of a new field hospital that has been set up at a Pathum Thani market circulated today (May 18) Thai netizens immediately criticised choosing this location for a medical facility and questioned whether a better place could not be found, said.

However the current coronavirus wave that started last month is worrisome with Pathum Thani too seeing hundreds of new patients emerge for several days in a row now and the total number of patients has risen to over 3,000.

This led the provincial health officials opening this new field hospital at See Mum Muang market to accomodate more patients.

A photo of Dr. Surin Suebsung, Pathum Thani’s provincial health official, together with Quality Development Division officials visiting the new field hospital, named Boon Raksa, and encouraging the medical staff there was published yesterday.

This drew strong criticism from netizens who felt a better place for a field hospital could have been found in the big province.


Top: This composite photo shows the See Mum Muang market, left, that has now been converted into a field hospital, right. Thai headline says, “Turning a market into a hospital.” Photo:


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