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Another oil spill at the same spot off Rayong


THE Rayong Incident Command Centre said another oil spill occurred in sea off Mae Ramphueng beach this morning (Feb. 10) with this being the same spot where Star Petroleum Refining Plc’s undersea pipeline had leaked 400,000 litres of crude on Jan. 25, Naewna newspaper said.

Pol. Lt. Pirun Hemarak, deputy governor of Rayong, said at a press conference he was informed at 9 a.m. that another 5,000 litres of crude had leaked into the sea.

This occurred after Star Petroleum’s staff raised the damaged pipe for inspection but found that some oil was still left within it, with this amount leaking into the sea.

However the new oil spill is not so dense and the company has mobilised nine boats and a helicopter to control it by spraying dispersants.

The location of the spill is about 20 kilometres from the shore and the authorities are confident this spill will be controlled and oil slicks won’t wash up on the beaches.


Rayong Incident Command Centre briefing the press about another spill off Rayong today. Photos: Naewna

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