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Power pole sticks through staircase of new footbridge

AN AMAZING construction is taking place in Chonburi province with the new footbridge’s staircase being built around a high voltage electricity pole and this possibly the only structure of its kind in the world being heavily criticised by netizens, Sanook.com said today (Dec. 20).

Photos of the staircase to the new footbridge with a power pole protruding through it, being built in Sattahip district near a 700-rai market, was shared by Facebook member Hia Driving.

He wrote that this footbridge has been brilliantly designed, instead of moving the power pole or shifting the pedestrian overpass, the solution was more advanced than that, it was decided to make a hole in the staircase and allow the power pole to remain in the middle along with its bunch of tangled cables.

The photos he posted have been shared over 5,000 times and the project was heavily criticised by netizens who pointed out it was sloppy work without any consideration for public safety. Some joked that while the footbridge would protect people from road accidents they may instead die from electric shock.

However today Dr. Satira Phuakpraphan, an MP of Chonburi’s district eight, said he had contacted the Highways Department to move the power pole. To do this the department had liaised with Sattahip Electricity Authority, the Royal Thai Navy Welfare Concession, and now accurate procedural steps are being followed to move the pole.


The staircase to a footbridge being built in Sattahip that has a high voltage power pole sticking through it. Photos: Sanook.com

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