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Traffic chaos in Samut Prakan after torrential rain

A HEAVY downpour lasting over an hour in Samut Prakan this evening (Oct. 22)  led to many roads being badly flooded and traffic slowing down to a snail’s pace in some areas, TV Channel 7 and JS100 Radio said. 

The flooding was worse at Mueang district, Srinakharin road, Thepharak and Si Thepa intersections with floodwater almost 30 centimetres high and overflowing the road edges. Soi Bearing too was very badly flooded.

This led to cars and motorcycles having to crawl through and many motorcycles broke down in the floods.

Sukhumvit road at Pu Chao Saming Phrai intersection was also inundated with floodwater higher than 20 centimetres but cars were still able to move along.

At old Phuttharaksa road the flooding  reached half the wheel of sedans especially on the outbound side heading for Sukhumvit road as parts of it had been dug to lay sewer pipes.

The tailback at kilometre 64 of Motorway 9 (Bang Pa-in – Bang Phli)  heading for Bang Phli (Exit  Thep Ratana road heading for Bangna) was five kilometers long due to flooding on Thep Ratana road.

Meanwhile the Thai Meteorological Department warned in its weather forecast that thunderstorms are likely over Thailand during Oct 22-23 with isolated heavy rain accompanied by gusty wind in the North, lower Northeast,  Central,  East including Bangkok and its vicinity and South.

This is due to another high-pressure system from China extending to cover upper Thailand and the South China Sea accompanying the easterly wind prevailing over upper Thailand. Meanwhile, the southwesterly monsoon is hovering over the Gulf of Thailand, the South and the Andaman sea. 

However this high-pressure system from China will weaken during Oct. 24 – 28 thus reducing rain in upper Thailand but easterly and northeasterly wind will continue to prevail. The monsoon trough lying across the middle South will bring thunderstorms with isolated heavy rain.


Top and first below: The tailback at kilometre 64 of Motorway 9 this evening. Photos:  JS100 Radio

Second below and Home Page: Badly flooded Soi Pattaraniwat and Soi Srisamit in Samut Prakan this evening. Photos: The mask246@phaengsorn and retweeted by JS100  Radio

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