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Over 500 to vie for Nayok Or Bor Tor under Progressive Movement tickets


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

MORE THAN 500 individuals will contest an election of Nayok Or Bor Tor (head of a subdistrict administrative organisation) under the banners of political activist group Progressive Movement, also known as the dissolved Future Forward Party.

Chamnan Chanruang, an executive member of Progressive Movement, headed by ex-Future Forward leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, confirmed today (Sept. 16) 500-plus people have so far applied to run for the posts of Nayok Or Bor Tor in the nationwide election scheduled for Nov. 28 under the tickets of the avant garde group.

He said these Progressive Movement candidates will launch a concerted campaign for the Nayok Or Bor Tor election by promoting the transparency and participation of local villagers in running the local administrative bodies.

An estimated 5,300 Or Bor Tor organisations, the country’s smallest democratic units, are seeing the first local election of a kind in eight years in nearly all districts and in all provinces nationwide.

The Nayok Or Bor Tor races are following an earlier election of Nayok Or Bor Jor (head of a provincial administrative organisation) in all 76 provinces and mayors for all 2,472 municipalities in nearly all districts throughout the country.

Most of the elected local leaders were invariably found to have performed as canvassers for partisan candidates running for MPs in all constituencies nationwide.


Top:Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn. Both photos: Siam Rath

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