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Floodwaters in Ayutthaya to rise by a metre in 24 hours 


PARTS of Ayutthaya province got flooded to the level of 50-70 centimetres today (Sept. 16) after Chao Phraya Dam started releasing more than 1,400 cubic metres/second of water and it is now likely that the inundation will rise by a metre over the next 24 hours, Matichon newspaper said.

Heavy rain in the lower north and central regions over the past week resulted in large volumes of water flowing into the Chao Phraya River in Nakhon Sawan province at 1,900 cubic metres/second with this northern mass of water then flowing to Chao Phraya Dam in Chainat province.

In Ayutthaya, just north of Bangkok, areas along the banks of Noi river, which is a tributary of Chao Phraya river, are getting flooded with these being outside the embanked part of Sena district. Floodwaters were  50-70 centimetres high in Ban Krathum, Hua Wiang, Phak Hai and Tha Din Daeng subdistricts.

Some subdistricts in Bang Ban and Bang Sai districts also got heavily flooded with the basement of many houses already inundated.

It is expected that low-lying banks of Noi and Chao Phraya rivers in the Central region will see floodwaters rise by a metre within 24 hours.

Mr. Praphit Chanma, head of the Royal Irrigation Department, has informed governors of affected provinces to regularly alert the public of the flooding.


Chao Phraya Dam and the flooding in Ayutthaya this morning. Photos: Matichon

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