Party: Increasing number of youths becoming drug dealers, among them 8-year-olds


THE Thai Sang Thai Party said today (Sept. 16) the drug epidemic in the country raises a lot of concern as youths and children have easy access to amphetamines and it is worrisome that many of them have upgraded from drug users to small drug dealers with eight-year-old children among them, said this morning (Sept. 16).

Mr. Phacharakorn Annopporn, the party’s deputy spokesman, said a key factor for proliferation of amphetamines among these youngsters is the price with the average being 40-50 baht a pill.

Statistics from the Narcotics Control Board show that there were over 200,000 arrests and prosecutions last year, an increase of 10 percent a year over the past five years.

In resolving the problem, relevant agencies have to step up drug prevention and suppression measures and change the category of a drug user to a patient so that the addicts can receive treatment and rehabilitation then return to society as quickly as possible.

The authorities also have to break the vicious circle of influential people using drugs for criminal purposes through the implementation of a transparent drug policy that can be checked every step of the way.

“Economic revitalization is an important part of solving the drug problem because I believe no one wants to commit a crime. But the current Covid era economic situation leads to people becoming jobless and then left without any money.

“So the government has to solve economic problems as soon as possible so that people can have a better life, and also promote and support children and youths in building their future more so than currently done,” he added.


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