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Joe Ferrari takes sole blame, denies extortion


THE DETAINED former head of Mueang Nakhon Sawan police station said during questioning last night that he was trying to crack a big drug case with this leading to the suspect’s death and wants to take sole responsibility because he was the one who issued the orders, Police News said today (August 27).

Pol. Col. Thitisan Uttanaphon, aka Superintendent Joe Ferrari, added that all that he did was part of his work and that he did not demand any money from the suspect.

As to why the suspect’s death certificate states that he died of drug overdose, he said this was because his girlfriend had told them he was taking drugs regularly.

 He also denied any lawyer tried to extort money from him and that he did not offer the dead suspect’s family 5 million baht, only giving them 30,000 baht for funeral expenses.

As to why he ordered the surveillance camera in the investigation room removed, Pol. Col. Thitisan said he became anxious and did not know what to do.

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Pol. Maj. Gen. Ekkarak Limsangkat, deputy chief of Provincial Police Region 6, who had talked to Pol. Col. Thitisan into surrendering in Chonburi province revealed that the he had said he wanted to kill himself to escape these charges, but he urged him not to do so because his death would not improve the image of the police and it was best for him to surrender, which he did by coming to Saensuk police station.

He was then taken to the Crime Suppression Division where  National Police Chief Pol.Gen. Suwat Jangyodsuk had personally quizzed him.

The former police officer was taken to Muang Nakhon Sawan police station in a van accompanied by Pol.Gen. Suwat and 10 police investigators, Thai Rath newspaper said.

A large number of reporters immediately surrounded him and he said to them, “My intention was to do my work and I did not intend to harm anyone, all that I have said is true.

“As for the video clip that has been released, I forgive those who did so and am not angry with the person who released it.”

Police have also managed to catch Pol.Lt.Taranin Makawanna in Phetchaburi province with him being the last of seven suspects in this case to be rounded up. He was brought to Bangkok for further questioning, Police News said.


Top: Pol. Col. Thitisan after his arrest yesterday.  Top photo: Police News, Home Page photo: Thai Rath


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