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Senior cop in plastic bag suffocation to death video clip shunted out 


PROVINCIAL Police Region 6 Chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Apichart Sirisit signed an urgent order transferring Pol. Col. Thitisan Uttanaphon, head of the Mueang Nakhon Sawan police station, after a video clip surfaced showing him suffocating a drug suspect to death by wrapping two plastic bags over his head, Amarin TV said this evening (Aug. 24).

In the video clip Pol. Col. Thitisan, whose nickname is Director Joe Ferrari, demanded two million baht from the drug suspect but the latter said he  could only give him one million. 

He then first wrapped a white plastic bag over the suspect’s head and held it firmly at neck so that no air could get through, then placed a black plastic bag on top of it until the drug suspect died.

The incident occurred on August 6 this year.

Mr.  Sitara Biabangkerd, secretary-general of the People’s Lawyers Team Foundation, posted the video clip with the following message:

“View the video clip of Director Joe covering plastic bags, extorting 2 million baht, killing the drug dealer.

“I received this clip from a junior police officer who asked me to help submit it to the National Police Commissioner before they get killed. 

“I saw the video clip and I was speechless, is this what you do to people? The suspect was charged with drug- related offenses but the cops who did this are just thieves in uniform. I ask everyone to see the brutality with their own eyes.”


An image of Sitara, inset left, over a scene showing Pol. Col. Thitisan, inset centre, suffocating a suspect to death with plastic bags. Thai headline says, “covering the drug trader with plastic bags.” Photo: Amarin TV


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