Patients at ‘haunted’ waiting centre claim they had heard ghosts


FRIGHTENED patients at a centre for those waiting for hospital beds in Phetchabun province said they heard screams and cries of ghosts for four nights in a row with officials today (Aug. 24) placing a Buddha image there and sprinkling holy water for their peace of mind, said.

After placing the Buddha image for patients to pray to, Sadiang district officials also sprinkled holy water across the whole compound and on the patients too so that they get over their fear of ghosts.

Mrs. Khao (assumed name), 47, who has been at the centre for 11 days now and will be completing her stay on Aug. 27, said she had heard strange noises several times. Some nights she heard a child crying but when she checked the children’s room, none were missing, upon looking outside there was no one around.

One night several patients heard a woman screaming and moaning and they all got very scared.

The next day she informed the authorities and is now happy they have taken action.

It was reassuring that there were no sounds last night.

Mrs Khao believes the sounds were of spirits who had previously lived at the centre and were seeking merit-making on their behalf and that she had already prayed for them.


Top: The Buddha image being taken to the waiting centre which patients there are adamant is haunted. Photo:

Home Page: Ghost musicians. Photo: Per-Olof Forsberg (CC BY 2.0)

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