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Car takes wrong turn, gets stuck on stairs


RAISING eyebrows and attracting a lot of comments are photos of a car stuck on a staircase at a car park with some netizens wondering whether the driver was awake when this happened, Amarin TV said this afternoon (May 31).

Going viral on Thai social media is a post about this bizarre accident, where fortunately there were no injuries. Attached to it is a video clip showing a tow truck coming in and using a wire sling to dislodge and move the bronze SUV from the staircases.

Some netizens posted kind comments, saying the driver was probably not familiar with the car park.

Others pointed out that life changes drastically when one takes the wrong turn.

Yet others made sharp comments, asking whether the driver was awake because the staircase is for walking, and not driving, up and down.

Another driver had an unfortunate accident in September last year when he drove his Honda CRV sports utility vehicle into a swift flowing irrigation canal in Muang district of Phrae province by carefully following GPS directions.

He and his two passengers had  set out from Phitsanulok province to go to a friend’s house in Mueang Phrae. It was 2 a.m. in the morning when they got close to their friend’s house, with this being just five kilometres away from the spot of the accident, but instead of taking them there safely, the GPS system plunged them into a canal.

When rescuers arrived they helped the three travellers marooned on the vehicle’s roof get back on the road by guiding them as they walked along the canal’s fence.

It took them four hours to get the car out of the canal.


The sedan stuck in the car park’s staircase. Thai headline says, “Life changes by taking the wrong turn.” Photos: Amarin TV


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