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Hunt on for man who stabbed ex-girlfriend to death

LOPBURI police are hunting for a jealous young man who brutally killed his former girlfriend by stabbing her 27 times at the beauty parlour where she worked early this morning (May 14), Thai Rath newspaper said. 

A team of Lopburi policemen rushed to Dream Hair Spa beauty salon where they found the victim, Ms Chatuporn Deeklai, or Onn, 28, lying in a pool of blood on the floor. Next to her was a foot-long blood-stained knife and footprints of blood-stained shoes leading out of the parlour.

A CCTV clip showed that Mr. Thanarat Narinsut, or Un, 31, walked to the shop early in the morning just as the deceased was opening it to go in and clean the place. 

Upon seeing him she shouted: “What are you doing? What have I done to you?” This was followed by Thanarat pulling out a pistol and beating her head with it until it broke.

He then pulled out the foot-long knife and went into a stabbing frenzy amid the wails and cries of the deceased. After that he dumped that knife and pulled out another one and continued stabbing her while murmuring. He then walked out of the shop.

The deceased young woman’s friend said she had lived with Thanarat for a while but they quarrelled frequently because he was extremely jealous and feared another man would take her away from him. 

Chatuporn changed her job often because Thanarat was creating a scene at her work place if any man even just said hello to her.

She finally ended up at this beauty parlour whose kind owner cleared her debt. However the owner and her colleagues were worried about Thanarat’s aggressive behaviour and told her it would be best if she got a new boyfriend.

Thanarat heard about a move to get his ex-girlfriend someone new and showed up early in the morning when no one was around and brutally knifed her to death.

Police took her body to the Forensic Institute for examination and are chasing her vicious former boyfriend. 


The beauty parlour where the murder took place this morning, the victim Chatuporn, and her ex-boyfriend Thanarat. Photos: Thai Rath


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