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Residents furious at woman honking loudly after not finding her husband

ATTRACTING a lot of comments on Thai social media is a video clip of a woman disturbing residents of a few blocks of police flats by loudly blaring the horn of her car in the middle of the night after failing to find her husband, Sanook.com said this afternoon (Sept. 26).

The video clip of this incident was shared by “Chay Moi V Plus” on her web page with details that this woman honked the horn for several minutes in a row within the community in the dead of the night.

“Blared the horn flat without bothering about the world! Doing this is inappropriate and annoys others. It’s time to rest and even if you are looking for someone you should have some manners,” she wrote.

“Her husband disappeared at 10 p.m. and everyone must know. I don’t know whether her husband is a police officer or not, but there are 12 buildings, she could find her husband so she honked loudly.

“Someone filed a complaint and after a while the police came but she then drove to the police station and honked loudly there,” she added.

It was later revealed that the incident occurred at police flats in Prawet district of Bangkok.


The woman searching for her husband honking loudly outside blocks of police flats. Thai headline says, “not able to find husband, honking and disturbing neighbours.” Photo: Sanook.com


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