Curbs being eased – dining in to be allowed in dark red zone 


THE Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) is moving to relax Covid measures and allow dine-in at restaurants nationwide based on local situations, TV Channel 7 said today (May 14).

The colour-coded control chart will be adjusted with an announcement to be made tomorrow as to which provinces fall in the dark red, red and orange zones.

In the dark red zone, which is the most heavily restricted and control area, dining in restaurants up to 25% capacity will be allowed till 9 p.m. but no alcohol permitted;

In the red zone, a restricted area, dining in restaurants will be allowed till 11 p.m. but again no alcohol permitted. In this zone educational buildings will be allowed to reopen as would sports facilities but only up to 9 p.m. Matches could be held by limiting the number of players and audience.


Top: A set table at Engelenburg Castle, The Netherlands . Photo: R Boed (CC BY 2.0)

Home Page: Some people enjoying a night out at a restaurant. Photo: Sam Sherratt (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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