Foreigners told to go to state hospital for admission to field hospital


FOREIGNERS in Thailand who have contracted coronavirus or suspect that they might have done so and are interested in being admitted to a field hospital are advised to go to the state hospital in their district with the doctors there then sending them to a field hospital if need be, the Public Health Ministry’s Department of Disease Control said this afternoon (April 13).

An official told Thai Newsroom that Thailand upholds human rights and will give medical care to all nationalities.

Regarding the cost, the official pointed out that a state hospital or field hospital would definitely be cheaper than a private one.

The ministry’s 24-hour hotline 1422.

Meanwhile Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s permanent secretary Mrs. Silpasuay Raweesangsoon said so far the overall arrangement of three types of field hospitals has added 1,250 beds for Covid patients, said.

BMA today opened a field hospital at the 84th Anniversary Bang Bon Stadium in Bang Bon district with this having 200 beds.

Of BMA’s other two field hospital moves, one is to expand capacity of some hospitals in Bangkok and turn them into semi-field ones. An example is Bang Khun Thian Hospital for the Elderly which can be expanded to accommodate 500 patients.

The other move is to prepare hotels to accommodate patients, or hospitel, with BMA in the process of contacting hotels in the capital that would become part of the city’s hospital network.

Aside from that there are also beds available through Bangkok’s hospital network that refers patients to each other by linking up with the Public Health Ministry, which has assigned Erawan Centre to be the administrator, with this taking the total accommodation to approximately 5,000 beds.

At the same time the Police Hospital has set up a field hospital at its gymnasium on the third floor of the hospital building with the two halls there accommodating 60 and 36 beds each, Thai Rath newspaper said.

This field hospital is being run on the same standard principles that is patients with moderate or severe symptoms have to stay in the hospital.

Those who have little or no symptoms yet are infected with coronavirus will be admitted to the field hospital with doctors and nurses on duty to take care of them.

If their symptoms worsen they will immediately be transferred to the hospital.


Top: Erawan 1 field hospital. Photo:

Home Page: Police Hospital’s field hospital. Photo: Thai Rath


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