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Rambo Isan blasts cyber bullies for attacking PM’s twin daughters

LASHING out at cyber bullies for threatening Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s twin daughters today (March 23) is Assistant to the Prime Minister’s Office Minister Seksakon Atthawong,  a red-shirt turncoat popularly known as Rambo Isan, who angrily said that this sort of action should be strongly condemned, Siam Rath newspaper said.

Cyber harassment is unreasonable behaviour and publishing ill-intentioned and wrongful material on social media is considered a threat to others.

The Prime Minister’s daughters never caused anyone to suffer and never interfered with anyone, he said, adding that this sort of people deserved to be prosecuted as soon as possible so as to not set an example for others to follow suit.

Although they do not like the Prime Minister or the government and are holding protests, Gen. Prayut has never banned rallies only that they should not trigger violence or break the law, Seksakon said.

“I urge people who love righteousness in Thai society or organizations for the protection of the rights of women and families to help condemn people who attack families in this country, regardless of which family is targeted, this should not be done.

“They even hit out at  the Prime Minister’s daughters who have never been involved in politics, attacking them in their posts, what is their heart made of?” he asked.

 He urged all Thais to remove this type of evil people from Thai society.


Top and Home Page:  Assistant to the Prime Minister’s Office Minister Seksakon, or Rambo Isan, blasting cyber bullies today. Photo: Siam Rath

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