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No uniform campaign gets underway at many schools

SOME students did come to school in casual clothes today (Dec. 1) the first day of the second semester as called upon by several groups to do so in order to claim dress freedom, Amarin TV reported this morning.

Two key groups that had pushed this campaign are KKC student affiliate network and the “bad students” with students in many schools responding to their call.

However Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan insisted he would not let this happen as each school clearly has a dress code. At the same time the Office of the Basic Education Commission urged  schools to comply with regulations.

The directors of many famous schools reiterated their announcement prohibiting students from wearing casual clothes to school, warning that parents would be notified.

Horwang school said in its announcement that should students not follow the dress code teachers are required to make them understand and call their parents in to find a way to help them.

Should students and parents not be able to comply with the school’s rules and regulations then they have to sign a document confirming this.

Bodindecha (Sing Singhaseni) School too issued an announcement asking parents to cooperate in ensuring students dress appropriately.

However reporters said students of many schools showed up in their casual clothes today, among them was Triamudomsuksa School, with photos being shared under the hashtag with #1ธันวาบอกลาเครื่องแบบ (Say goodbye to uniform on December 1).


Top: A poster calling on students to come to school in casual clothes today, left, and some students who did so, right.

Below; Students wearing ordinary clothes to school and a press car covering them do so. Photos: Amarin TV

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  1. A friend made the following comment:
    Interesting…… and rather encouraging, trend which, if it catches on, may be the beginning of more free-thinking which MAY gradually lead to coming out of the feudal mind-set of the Thai society…..I hope!

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