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‘Bad students’ move rally to beneath Siam station because of rain

THE leaders of the “bad students” group shifted their demonstration that was to take place at Ratchaprasong intersection this afternoon (Nov. 21) to the section of Rama 1 road below BTS Siam station because of heavy rain, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

At 12.36 p.m. a message was posted at the “bad students” Facebook page asking their followers to wait for the announcement of a backup plan for their activity that was to start at 1 p.m. at Ratchaprasong intersection if it does not stop raining.

Later at 1.12 p.m. the “bad students” leaders announced via social media channels that their rally is being shifted to beneath BTS Skytrain Siam station as it is expected to continue to rain today.

Thai Rath reporters said at 1.30 p.m. some protesters had come to this station but had not yet gone down to the road.

At 2.17 p.m. Mr. Laphanapat Wangpaisit, or Min, one of the leaders of the “bad students” group, announced atop a vehicle carrying amplifiers for rally participants to come down to Rama 1 road below BTS Siam station.

A stage had been set up on the side of the road heading for Pathumwan intersection and there was only one lane open to traffic.

The young protesters also distributed wrist bands for children under the age of 18 to wear to protect their rights and that of youths as well.


Top: “Bad students” protesters gathering on the road beneath BTS Siam station.

Below: One of the leaders of the “bad students” group giving a speech. Photos: Thai Rath

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