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Chaos as forest runoff floods popular resort

STRONG gushes of floodwater swiftly flowed into a well-known resort near Thap Lan National Park last night causing havoc with a group of women tourists rushing out of their rooms while some of the vehicles in the car park just floated away, Amarin TV reported today (Nov. 1, 2020).

Forest runoffs from Khao Yai and Thap Lan national parks first flooded some villages in Na Di district of Prachin buri province in the middle of night, gushing on the roads and homes.

Rescuers from two foundations rushed in to help move children, elderly and sick people out of harm’s way.

After the floodwater began to decline on the upper part of 304 road, it rolled into the lower half and inundated some famous tourist attractions and hotels in this province.

The worst hit was Verona at Thap Lan resort where the floodwater reached a metre high causing holidaymakers, mainly 160 members of a women’s club staying there overnight, to run out of their rooms in panic.

The car park was also heavily flooded with around a hundred vehicles, 60 of them belonging to the women’s group, submerged in the water. Some vehicles had just floated away with the strong currents of the floodwater.

The resort’s farm animals, including sheep, horses and cows were also badly affected by the inundation.


The flooding at Prachin Buri province and Venona at Thap Lan resort. Photos: Amarin TV

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