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Penguin: Order issued to ‘deal’ with protest leaders

PROTEST leader Mr. Parit Chivarak, or Penguin, posted a message at his Facebook account late last night (Nov. 1) from Rama 9 Hospital that he had got information an order had been issued to “deal’ with him and the other protest leaders that same night or very soon, Sanook.com reported.

He said he is willing to sacrifice everything, including his life, in the fight for democracy.

The translated text of Penguin’s message is as follows:

“There is news that there is an order to “deal” with us tonight or soon. For this fight I am willing to dedicate everything, whether it is freedom, sweat, blood, or even life.

“But I wish all my brothers and sisters to know and remember everything that happens to me, and may happen to me, who it came from. Because we have only one enemy. With love and faith in the people’s institution. Penguin.”


Top:  Penguin being detained recently. Thai headline says, “deal tonight?” Photo:  Sanook.com


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