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Referendum on banning protests for 2 years proposed

THE deputy head of Palang Pracharath Party today (Nov. 2) suggested that a referendum be held on banning protests for two years with a key aim being to prevent Covid-19 spreading in this country, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

 Mr. Paiboon Nititawan, the party’s deputy leader, said in order to save budget the referendum could be tied together with the upcoming election of provincial administration council president and members nationwide on December 20, 2020.

The Election Commission would then only have to arrange a referendum in Bangkok.

In the absence of a special law on arranging such a referendum, he suggested that an emergency decree be issued to do so.

Paiboon pointed out that this is in fact an emergency and such a step is urgently needed and cannot be avoided for the security of the country, public safety, economic stability and to prevent public disasters.

He also suggested the wording for holding this particular referendum to head off any questions about the step possibly being seen to be among matters contrary to or inconsistent with the constitution.


Top: Paiboon talking about his referendum proposal today. Photo: Thai Rath


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