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Three dead as train hits motorcycle with sidecar

A TRAIN collided with a motorcycle with a sidecar at a level crossing in southern Narathiwat province today (Oct. 31) killing three persons on the spot, INN News and Sanook.com reported.

The express train running from Bangkok to Su-ngai Kolok district in this province hit the vehicle upon reaching kilometre marker 1,134, the boundary area of Su-ngai Padi with Su-ngai Kolok districts.

Among the three persons who died was a 12-year-old boy, Muhammad Safi, with the other two unidentified men, of around 30 to 40 years of age, assumed to be his relatives.

The train driver, Mr. Somnuk, said just as he was running the train to Su-ngai Kolok station, the motorcycle with the sidecar suddenly appeared from a road that cuts through a dense rubber plantation. He quickly stopped the train but failed to do so in time to save the lives of the three victims. The accident led to the train being delayed by more than an hour.

This is the second time an accident has occurred at this very spot since March this year. At the earlier accident the train had also hit a motorcycle killing the rider.

After that railway staff put up a sign and a block of wood to close the crossing but the residents quickly removed the wood and started using it again.

Earlier this month a bus taking factory workers from Samut Prakan to Chachoengsao province for a religious ceremony at a temple there was completely smashed by a train leaving 17 people dead and 30 injured.


Top: The express train that hit the vehicle killing three persons. Thai headline says, “Train smashes motorcycle with sidecar, three dead bodies.” Photo: INN News and Sanook.com

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