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Fuel tanker flips, bursts into flames in Lamphun

A SECOND fuel tanker was involved in an accident just three days after the horrific crash in Buriram province with this one being a semi-trailer tanker that flipped over and burst into flames in Lamphun province killing one person, Thai Rath newspaper and TV Channel 7 reported today (Nov. 1, 2020).

The accident occurred at 9.40 a.m. on Route 11, or Chiang Mai-Lampang superhighway, on the outbound side at Khun Tan – Umong stretch in Tha Sop Sao sub-district, Mae Tha district,  Lamphun.

One person was found dead at the scene with the brand and registration number of the blazing vehicle as yet not known .

Policemen had to close the superhighway fully leading to several kilometres long tailback in both directions. However they were later able to open the inbound side to Chiang Mai and Lampang.

The accident occurred at a long stretch downhill and at this point there is a sharp curve too. Policemen are quickly trying to clear the route and investigate the cause of the accident.

On Thursday October 29 a fuel tanker carrying 40,000 litres of fuel slammed into an 18-wheel trailer truck in Buriram province and exploded into a huge ball of fire that quickly spread and destroyed 10 shophouses and 20 vehicles at around midnight. Residents fled in panic with some of them getting injured after tripping and falling in their haste to get away.


The semi-trailer fuel tanker ablaze at the side of Chiang Mai-Lampang superhighway. Photos: Thai Rath

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